Meg vs Nancy




Tonight we tackled the Cross Fit wod Nancy . For those of you just joining us, Cross Fit has a series of workouts named after women, they also have a series of workouts named after fallen heroes . Tonight – I danced with Nancy .

Nancy is pretty simple when you break it down : 400 meter run . 15 overhead squats : 5 rounds for time .

Every time it looks “not so bad”, I am ready to die the next day . But since I am gearing up for the 5 k , I was kinda looking forward to the run portion. The overhead squats on the other hand , I was dreading . You know my squats are not good , getting better but still not good . And holding a barbell over your head while you squat is not my idea of a picnic . Granted since my squats are bad I just had 20 lbs of weight , but still, that sucked .

I got the first run done in under 4 minutes , with the help of my run buddy Joanne , the run didn’t seem so bad . I found it so much easier having someone by my side to chat with while running along . Big shot out to my gal Joanne ! Thank you for keeping me going tonight !

In the end , I completed Nancy in 29:18 . Just under the 30 minutes I was given . Feeling good about that . And the running really didn’t bother me too much , I feeling a lot better about the 5k . Don’t get me wrong , still terrified but feeling better , lol.

It was a great workout!

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Another goal down!

Thats right peeps, I am on a freakin’ roll! Last night I tackled HANDSTANDS!!!! Yup, I am on the wall. Before we started our WOD last night, we had handstand practice.  I had been wanting to try them and this was the perfect opportunity.  I set up my pad and froze.  Completely froze.  I was terrified. Then the realization set in, what the heck is the matter with me? Its a handstand.  I did them all throughout my childhood. What is so different now? Oh yeah, that extra hundred or so pounds I carry around now… But then I took myself back to my childhood.  I used to do flips and handstands and cartwheels and somersaults all the time. We used to have a ” circus” for the whole neighborhood.  Us gals used to dress up in our dance recital costumes and flip over the swing set.  So what if I am not 11 anymore, why can’t I do this? What makes now so different?  Then I started thinking more, when we were kids, we used to watch gymnastics with my mom, like, all the time.  The gymnasts would raise their hands, salute the judges and go.  So, I raised my hands and sunk to the floor, my legs kicked up , but not enough to even get close to the wall.   Think – what else did you use to do?  Yes! The hop .  I put my hands up, did a slight hop and sent my self soaring up against the wall!!!!  Came right back down, but I touched the wall. The secret is the hop 😉

Handstands – Check!!!

I kept on hopping and kept on hitting the wall. Of course I crashed on my head at least once, but I got right back up.  By the end of the practice session , I was holding my handstand on the wall.  I was so excited.  Another goal , crushed!


Love This!

So, yes, another goal crushed and I have been doing so good lately – I am terrified.  I am scared, will it end? Am I  going to land on my face in general ? Am I going to freak out and fail myself? This is down right scary territory for me.  I am just being honest here, its my blog, so I can, lol. 

I am officially registered for my 5k – my next obstacle .  I am so excited ! I am so freaked out! I am terrified! ARRRGGGHHHH! So many emotions with this – but what I know FOR CERTAIN  :





You can count on that my friends.  Follow me on the journey , hope I don;t let you down. 

And don’t forget you can find me on Facebook too!

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This is a big deal !

I have had a lot of personal triumphs lately . Pull-ups , ring dips , double unders, personal goals in class smashed …. I am feeling awesome !
So my friends , the next goal I am tackling is : A 5 K !!! Honestly I think I am ready . I haven’t yet run 3 miles but I did 2 today with no issues in about a half hour . I will be slow but I think I can finish in under an hour , I would be happy with that . I have got amazing support , I think I got this !

Today I set out to do 2 miles , my longest run with out stopping was 1.35 miles . I figured I could do this 2 mile goal. And honestly I was shocked that I could do it and it only took me a half hour . I swear it’s “Just Keep Swimming ” that gets me through this . I mean , I listen to my music but I keep saying it over and over in my head . Hey , if it works , who cares right ? Lol.

At the end of the day today , I am happy . I am making so much progress in this journey and getting stronger everyday .
I know if I keep swimming , I will get there .

Just keep swimming folks and we will get there
– Meg

Get Moving and Enjoy the Season!

A large group from my gym participated in a 5k today.  For many of them, it was their first 5k.  Through out the weeks building up to the run, people were telling me I should do it.  I kept declining, knowing I was not ready.  I will be at some point, but just not today.  BUT – even though I did not do a 5k today, I still got out there and ran.  I got moving.  I ran 1.35 miles without stopping. I ran farther than I ever have! I was able to run the whole route I chose and back to my place without a single stop.

Before if I was lucky, my time for a mile was 17 minutes, today, my time was 13:54 min/mile.  Progress! I nearly kicked up my heels when I heard the time come through my ears. I am on my way to doing a 5k .  I am going to try running each weekend to keep it going, hopefully I can.


Now onto the fun stuff!

Halloween is a big deal for my family.  We all get into it.  Every year we participate in Fitzy’s Fright Fest.  Go and check out all the info on Facebook . My cousin, Paul, has a haunted woods at his house that is open a couple of days around Halloween.   This year is really special as Fitzy’s Fright Fest was chosen as the #9 Viewer’s Choice Best Haunted House in New England by WMUR .  And the picture they used for the slideshow was created by my husband, Chad. How freakin cool is all of that?!?! So exciting!  If you are in the area, come check us out in Newton NH October 31st and November 2nd!

I can’t tell you what the plans are for this year, but last year my sister and I were the girls from the Shining. We had a blast!


So, what are your plans for Halloween ? What are you dressing up as??shining girls

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Double Unders …. Check!



That’s right folks! Those pesky double unders – I did them today!!!! More than once! Now, granted the most I got was 2 in a row, but I did it!!!! For those of you who have no idea what a double under is – it is when you jump rope and the rope goes under you 2 times in 1 jump.  I have literally been working on this since March, so this is a BIG deal.  HUGE. When I did it, I was so shocked, I stopped and had to double check that I did it.

They look like this :

These past couple of weeks have been amazing for me. I feel like all these months are really coming together. Pullups, ring dips, and now double unders!  It is freaking awesome and I love it!

For so long I have been looking for something amazing, I wanted to do something amazing.  And though this is not what I was thinking of, you bet your ass I found what I was looking for.  I am on my way to being a fit person….me, who’d thunk? I am happy.  So very happy with this journey, I could cry.  And most likely will 🙂

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Feeling good

Last night I was in the zone. I felt awesome. I finally was able to do ring dips!!! I had to use a band ( green) but I was able to do it!!! Hooray! Progress! I also used heavier weights than I have been using.  Here is my work out from last night:

20 minute AMRAP

5 DB snatches R/L 35 lbs

6 alternating pistols R/L ( used the bench as a target)

7 ring dips ( green band)

The goal was to get in 5 rounds. Usually when they say the goal is….. rounds, I never meet the quota.  Which is okay, but I would love to meet the quota.

And guess what? Last night I did! Yup – 5 rounds! Plus I started on my 6th!  I felt amazing when I walked out of class last night. AMAZING! Beast mode!

Me doing ring dips! Thanks Holly for capturing the moment!


Tonight’s class was, I felt, more difficult. Running. UGH! Running as you all know has been my nemesis.  Although we are not good friends, I still give running a shot.  I know I am slow and I have accepted that.  I just keep swimming, keep moving and eventually, I will get there. Tonight’s workout had 800m runs in each round, looking at it, I was ready to die, but I said to myself, if I can finish 2 rounds with (2) 800m runs, I would be really happy with that. So, we started, 800m run, me bringing up the rear, I have some truly brilliant and amazing people in my class who were so encouraging and supportive.  It really means the world to me.  So, yeah, me finishing last, but thats ok.  After the first 800m run, it was 100 Mountain Climbers , then 100 Crab Kicks.  Mountain Climbers and Grasshoppers I can do much easier if the song playing has a good beat. I think during my climbers, it was Crazy Train, so it did not work as well. I completed the climbers and kicks, then went for my 2nd run.  The coach told me I could do 400 instead of the 800, but I told her I wanted to do the 800 and if I didn’t finish the workout, I was okay with that, but I wanted to do  the runs. So, I set out, another 800 down. Then it was onto 75 lateral hops and 75 plank reaches.  Holy Crap were those hard.  By the time I was done with the reaches, time was just about up, so the coach told me to go run a 200m.   So, I did.  I didn’t finish the workout, but I met my goal for the night, and I was really happy with that.  If we had all the elements without the runs, I could of crushed it.  But – I ran (2) 800m sets and did not stop. I did not walk. I kept moving.   And that’s all that matters.

When I started this journey, one of my goals was to run a 5k.  I thought I would be at that point by now.  I am totally not, but I am okay with that. I am okay being slower.  I am gonna get faster .  There is a lot of weight hitting the pavement.  Sometimes, it just takes longer.  I will get it and when I do that 5k, you will be hearing me shout it from the roof tops.

I just have to keep swimming.  Stay afloat.  I am feeling great and I know I am on my way.  It’s a great thing 🙂

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Commit to it!



Well folks, I am absolutely exhausted.  Pooped! Tonights class kicked my ass.  But, I said I would post every day, and that is what I am going to do.   Gotta commit!!! And follow  through.

Here’s tonights workout and how I did:

we were given 30 minutes

50 Squats  ( my squats are getting better, but still need work)

40 Double unders ( i did 40 attempts, still can’t get them! Ugh)

30 Power Cleans – did 55 lbs

20 Burpees ( The Devil, the freakin devil. Burpees are my downfall, every WOD that has burpees, I am guarenteed to finish last or not at all)

10 Toes to Bar ( not there yet, so I did knee raises on the bar)

5 Rope Climbs ( Cha! That wasn’t going to happen, did 25 ring rows instead)

10 TTB

20 Burpees ( even worse this set, Thought I was going to puke and cry or both, but I kept saying, just keep swimming! and eventually I finished)

30 Power Cleans

40 DU – ( time ran out, so I did 120 regular jumps)

50 Squats

I went over time, thankful to new coach Linda, for letting me finish.  And my amazing classmates, Cristal, Maria, Nicole and Jen for cheering me on.  I haven’t finished that last in a while.  It sucked.  But it just cements the fact that I have so much farther to go.  I will get everything. I will be able to conquer these moves.  We have a long way to go.  Its gonna be a long swim.  But aren’t you excited?!?! Its going to be AMAZING!

On a side note : I was honked at today.  Silly, I know, but It has been a long ass time since I was honked at.  Hooray for strangers recognizing your efforts!!! LOL!

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Lazy gal


Today I was a lazy gal.  I didn’t exercise, I didn’t eat good.  I wore big ol sweatpants most of the day.  It was a blah , lazy day.  I now have Lazy Day guilt.  I could of done so much, and instead did not do a damn thing.  I talk about commitment all the time, and today I failed.

I am recommitting to myself.

I get such great responses and feedback to this journey and this blog. I am going to try and post everyday, even if it is just a little paragraph or picture.  Cause I gotta keep on swimming and have to constantly remind myself of my success so I do not fall back into my failure.

Thanks for coming along on the swim.

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