This week

I am a bit behind in my posts this week , sorry about that . Hope everyone had a good Holiday no matter what you celebrate . On to of Christmas this week , I also had some personal stuff going on , so alas, just 1 workout this week . I was really pissed that I missed Thursdays workout . It had all my favorite elements . But let’s not focus on the negative . Due to how busy I was last week I had not been to class in over a week so I was really looking toward to Mondays workout .


Sweet Baby Jesus was it a freakin killer ! We were given 25 minutes to complete the workout . Here is how I did .
30 front squats 55 lbs
15 burpee pull-ups
15 wall balls
12 burpee pull-ups
12 wall balls
9 burpee pull-ups
9 wall balls
30 power cleans
My time was 22:10

I was ready to die at the end . I mean layer on the floor unable to move ready to die . But – I was so proud of myself for finishing under time . And I got in one hell of a workout . That felt mighty awesome !

But by far the most awesomest of awesome things to happen this week happened Christmas Eve . I stopped by Richardsons dairy in Middleton to pick up an ice cream pie for dessert on Christmas . I hadn’t been to Richardsons in a while . I use to go every Friday for “Frappe Friday ” . I would go and pick up frappes for the whole office , usually 8-12 . I had a list , I’d give it to the girl and we had a whole system down . Well , besides myself the office is kinda on a fitness kick . So , needless to say , it’s been a bit . So , I go in and who do I see ? My frappe girl ! And she greets me with ” Hey ! How are you ?!? Where have you been ? YOU LOOK AMAZING !!! ” yes ! The ice cream girl said I look amazing ! That was a Cloud Nine Moment ! And I am still floating .


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Progress Update !

Here we are in December.  It has been 9 months since I started working out. I have had an amazing year.  I have done things and accomplished things I never dreamed possible.  I have made some truly amazing friendships.  I have grown so much.  I believe in myself.  I was not able to say that at the beginning of the year.  I am proud of myself!

Well, I have mentioned it before, I was the lucky recipient of some hand me downs courtesy of my cousins bestie.  There was this dress in there that I loved, you know, a fancy dress.  Didn’t know where I would wear it, or even if it would fit.  So, yesterday we had ” Pre- Christmas” It was just a small get together but I figured I would give the dress a go.

I thought this was a good time to do a progress update.  So here goes:


I felt amazing in this dress.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because it zipped the first time without a struggle, maybe because I did not need to wear any ” Suck me in” undergarments, I think it was just because I looked good!

Holy moly! I am saying I looked good – you are darn right!

I am the living embodiment of hard work paying off.

So lets crunch the numbers :

 To Date Weight Loss : 38.7 lbs!!!!!

Present Size : 16  – down 4 sizes!

Hard Work People is the ONLY way to get results that last .  I am so thankful for the blessings this year has brought me.  Gotta Keep Swimming!

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Sooooo busy but it’s all good at the end!

This week is a massive fail in the fitness department.  I have not worked out, ate when I could , and even then it was not anything good.  I had a Lobster Tail yesterday ( the pastry) from  Pace’s in Saugus.  OMFG! Soooo good! It was horrible, I know, but hey! You have got to live a little right? I have not forsaken my fitness journey, Just took a side road for a little bit.  ( with extra powdered sugar)



But – on the flip side – I am currently down 38.7 pounds!!!!!

That, my friends, feels awesome!

I had wanted to hit 50 lbs by the end of the year, but I know that is not feasible , and the funny thing is, I am really okay with it .   For me, this speaks volumes.  the Old Meg would of come this far and just given up.  Not reached the ” BIG” goal and said screw it.  But the new me, has hit so many goals this year!   I am amazed.  I am so freaking proud of myself!

Gonna keep it short today.  Still have a lot going on, more to come later!

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This Past Week’s Workouts




Realized I am behind in my workout postings too.  Only made it to class on Monday and Wednesday this week.  Like I have said before, been really busy this week.  But here is how I did:


6 rounds for time

4 Wall Climbs

16 Reverse Lunges – 22 lbs DB

32 Lateral Hops

My time was 26:38.  We were only supposed to have 25 minutes, but Jane let me finish the work out.  I love that about my coaches.  They both have come to know me so well and they know I want to finish.  They push me until I finish. Lets break down the WOD.  The Wall Climbs – I feel I did better at these then I did last time I did them.  I was actually able to move my hands closer to the wall, of course not where they are supposed to be, but it was closer than I have gotten.  Progress!  Then it was the darn reverse lunges. UGH. WOD Killer for me.  Those darn lunges, front or back get me every time.  But, this time, I had 22 lbs in each hand when I did them.  This Was HUGE for me.  Last time I did reverse lunges, I don’t think I used any weight let alone 22 lbs,  so even though they took me forever and I wanted to die – I did them! More progress!  Then the lateral hops – now this is one of those silly little moves that in my head, I am like – jumping? Over a hurdle? Easy peasy.  Then you actually do it and its like – Cha! You crazy !  I have been working on getting more than 1-2 jumps in a row every time we do them.  And I have been getting better.  This night, I was able to get 12 in a row! Whoo Freakin Hoo!!! you know what I am going to say next – YUP = MORE PROGRESS! And it feels soooooo good!


Wednesday night was a hard one for me.

60 Plank Jacks

50 Medicine Ball Cleans  12 lb ball

40 Burpees

30 Wall Balls 12 lb ball

20 Push Ups

10 Turkish Get Ups  7.5 lb db

My time was 24:53

Then I did a 500 m row

So , yeah, this was tough.  Plank Jacks, I started really good, then it was a struggle.  The Medicine Ball cleans suck – I hate them.  Its a double squat essentially.  I do not like them in the slightest.  Then my WOD Killer – those darn Burpees.  Whenever there are Burpees, you know, I say it all the time, it takes me forever.  So, tonight, I took a different approach.  I had 40 to do which was so scary.  So, I did 2 at a time.  I paced myself.  And you know, I feel I did so much better with my burpees.   I was really pleased with that.  Wall balls, another enemy of mine. Ugh.  Push ups weren’t too bad.  TGU’s.  Sweet Baby Jesus. I can do them, but it has been a while.  I had a 15 lbs KB and had to go down to a 7.5 lb DB to get them done.  I just could not move.  I could not get myself up off the ground to stand straight.  I was pissed about that.  I still got the work out done in under 25 minutes.  So that is good.  Check out the video of Turkish Get ups – so you can see for yourself 🙂

Stinks that I only got 2 work outs in 😦  This week is not going to be much better either.  My oldest’s birthday is Monday, he has a concert Wednesday and then a Band Dinner Thursday that families are to attend.  So just Tuesday this week.

I tired working out at home today.  I did ok. I did some squats, push ups, sit ups and burpees. yes, burpees.  But I need my peeps pushing me.  I need my coaches .  It is not easy doing this at home, especially with the family around.  I know it works for some people – working out at home, but I am not one of those people.

While I won’t be in the gym this week as much as I want, it is really important for me to make better choices as far as my eating goes.  That , my friends, is going to be the biggest challenge. But, you know what I say…. Gotta Keep Swimming!

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What I Want My Kids To Know About Why I Am On This Journey

Hello there folks! It’s been a bit I know .  I have been really busy this week.  Which got me thinking more and more about why I made this decision to get fit.  After roller skating with my daughter on Sunday, check my blog post  Roller Gurl, I was really thinking about this and how much this process has changed me. My children are the most important people on the planet to me and I am honest with them.  Sometimes though, it is easier to write what we want to say to get our thoughts across the right way. So here goes.

For my kids – What I want you to know about why I am on this journey:

I WANT TO BE HEALTHY. I know it probably doesn’t seem that I want to be healthy, but I want to be around as long as possible for you.  I want to see you grow up and be successful in what ever endeavours you choose.  At 269 lbs, that was not something that was going to work for my plan to be around. Our family has so many health problems as it is, I did not want to welcome one more.  Especially Diabetes, since we have many diabetics in the family.

I DO NOT GIVE UP.  I know you have seen me do things and quit out or stop doing it when it gets hard, be it a video game or some craft.  I haven’t been the best example of not giving up.  This has been the biggest change in myself through this process.  I don’t give up.  I keep going.  I keep swimming.  I know I say it all the time.  And yes, it comes from Finding Nemo. But the reality is, that silly little phrase ” Just Keep Swimming” has kept me going.  I remember the first time I started saying it. It was a running class and it was so hard for me.  I mean, ridiculously hard for me.  And I wanted to just lie right in the middle of the road, curl up in a ball and quit.  And I started saying it.  ” Just Keep Swimming” over and over again.  I know its crazy, but it helps me immensely.  I am determined to finish every workout, and usually that means finishing last, but that is so okay with me, cause I finish.

I WAS SCARED. I was terrified after my first class .  I could barely jump rope.  Everyone can jump rope.  BUT, I STRUGGLED.  It was in that moment thinking ” Why can’t I do this?” that really terrified me and I knew that if I did not make a change , then I would not be around for everything I want .

I WAS EMBARRASSED. I was embarrassed for you all to be around me.  It was embarrassing being the one trying to squeeze onto rides at Canobie Lake.  It was embarrassing being the one squeezing onto the plane and trying to fit down the aisle when we went to Disney.  I was embarrassed huffing and puffing trying to keep up as we trekked around Disney.  It is my hope that I didn’t effect you in my embarrassment.

I WAS OKAY WITH BEING OVER WEIGHT.  I know I would complain with being overweight, but deep down, I WAS OKAY WITH IT.  If it bothered me that much I would of done something and I would not of taken me so long to get off my butt. The first step of the journey is being fed up.  And when I reached that point, I took action.  Facing reality is often way harder than dealing with the world we think is around us.  And being over weight is okay for some people.  It just got to the point where it wasn’t for me anymore.

I AM HAPPY WITH MY DECISIONS. I am so very happy with the decision I have made to get fit.  It is not a chore, it is something I look forward to.  It is a lifestyle change, not a fly by night trend I am diving into .  Above all, I want you to know that if you are happy with yourself, then the rest will all fall into place.

NOTHING WORTH GAINING IS GAINED BY TAKING THE EASY ROAD.  You, my 3 babes, are the masters of your own destinies.  What ever you want is possible.  You have to work hard for what you want and work hard at it.  There are no easy answers.  And, yes, it stinks.  But sometimes, the journey to the answer is just as fun as if you did find the short cut.

I HAVE FITNESS GOALS. I do, I have several, and they keep changing as I get better.  But the important thing is, once I get to a goal, I move onto another one, it is a constant process.  I am constantly striving to be a better me and give more in my workouts.  I have so many goals I am trying to reach.  I just chip away at them until I reach it, then its onto the next.  It is tremendously helpful.

I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.  This for me is a hard one to say, or write.  But its true, I have been busting my butt – and I am darn proud.  I hope I make you all proud some day too.


My kiddos – It was bright that day, that is why they are squinting 😉

I love you all ❤

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Roller gurl….


Yesterday my daughter had a birthday party at a local roller skating rink. She is 6 so my fear was having to go out and roller skate with her since she has never done it before . I, myself have not roller skated since middle school. Plus in middle school, I was not wicked over weight .
So , this was going to be a challenge . I wanted to show my daughter how to do this, but mentally, I was terrified . So what did I do ? I bucked up , tossed on some skates and got myself a Rollin’ . I never realized how much of a core exercise roller skating is . I found myself using more of my core than my legs . Thank goodness for Cross Fit !!
We had a great time ! I don’t think if I was not on this journey , I would of been able to do as well.
This is part of the whole reason I am doing this . To be able to enjoy these moments . And that my friends is the best ! Gotta keep swimming !

Little Moments




It has been a busy week, seriously, when is it not? Anyways – Big News! to me, at least ……



Not Me, lol


I know for just about everyone this is not even remotely a big deal – but for me – IT IS GINORMOUS!  I have not been able to do a quad stretch since I started classes.  Every time in the warm ups when we do walking quad stretches, I run over to the rig and pull my leg behind me with a band.  I hate it.  I hate that I can’t do them after all this time. So, the other night in class we were doing them at the end of class stretch, and I was able to do it on my right side! Hooray! And yes, just the right side, not the left, but its a start! I will take it! It is these little moments that mean more to me than anything.  The little victories.  The non scale victories.  It feels good, real good.  What about you, any non scale victories to share with us?

Onto my classes this week.  In addition to Monday’s class, I also went to class on Wednesday and Thursday.  Here is how I did:


800 m run

5 Front Squats 60 lbs

200 m run

10 Pull ups

400 m run

15 KB swings 35 lbs

800 m run

5  Front Squats 60 lbs

200 m run

10 Pull ups

So, this WOD was rough.  It was supposed to be 3 rounds in 35 minutes, no way that was happening. As you can see, I got through 1 2/3 rounds.   I dread and love the running workouts.  I will say , I feel my running is getting better, more consistent.  I am definitely better at the beginning of the runs, now I just need to keep it going.  More Little Moments to be proud of.  More realizations.  I also went up in my weight for my front squat.  Only 5 lbs, but it is still going up.  Proud of that.

ThursdayTABATA 20:10:8

We did a Tabata workout on Thursday, 20 seconds each movement, 10 seconds rest , 8 rounds for each movement.  For my own knowledge, I kept track of my reps, so here is how I did over the 8 rounds.

Ring Rows  50

Burpees 17

Lateral Hop Squats 72

Front Plank

Sandbag Sprints


I struggled the most with the plank as usual.  I think I would of been better off just staying up during the rest than starting and stopping.  Planks are so mental.  I need to zone out to take my mind of the fact that I am holding up so much weight.  Grasshoppers I find to be fun as long as its a good song playing with a good beat, makes it so much easier.

Another interesting thing that happened this week was a conversation I had with some co-workers today.  We started talking about weight loss and one of them asked if I have heard of Cambogia.  Yes, I have.  And from what I gather, this is the next crazy  herbal supplement  craze, it is a fat buster and you never need to exercise. ( Now, I have not tried this myself, so I cannot say if it works or not.)  I told them that I have tried it all, and yes, it took me years, but there are no quick fixes, no pills, it is HARD WORK.  Plain and simple.  And that is the truth.  It took me forever to get into a routine and be proud of myself.  I am darn proud of how far I have come, and I am even prouder that I did this myself.

Have any of you tried this Cambogia?  If so, please share your thoughts.  I am interested to read peoples experiences.

The very best way I have found to keep on track is to Just Keep Swimming!

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The Man Maker

Yes kids, Man Makers were the nemesis last night in class.  For those of you unfamiliar with Man Makers , let me explain.  So, I equate them to a Burpee on steroids.  Here is how they are done:


Yeah, I know – totally awesome, right?!? Cha!!!! They are a killer, especially for me, since they are similar to a burpee which I struggle with.  So, let’s go over how I did.  For starters, we did 100 sit ups.  I banged out 20 pretty quickly, then the rest were a struggle.  The goal was to do them as fast as possible to move on the man makers.  I am already feeling the sit ups, whenever I laugh, go figure.  So, finished those up, last as usual, then onto the man makers.

We had to do 30 Man Makers.   I really need to get myself some gloves for when we do these types of moves, I always use some towels over the dumb bells so my hands don’t hurt as bad.  So, I haven’t done man makers in a while but I thought I could do a few at a time and chip away at it.  I ended up doing 2 at a time.  And honestly, the hardest part was the clean and squat thrust for me.  I could barely get my arms up.  I thought I was going to drop the dumb bells on my head.  And , I have been using the 35 lb weight lately, but I knew there was no way that was going to happen, so I went down to 22 lbs.  All in all, I felt the Man Makers defeated me, badly.  I was the last to finish.  Which, that is fine for me, but still stings.  I completed the 100 sit ups and 30 Man Makers in 24:05 .

Then it was onto rope climb practice.  I tried again, more like Tarzan swinging from the vine, but at least I tried. I can get myself off the ground, I just cannot move myself up the rope, which of course, is the point.

Last night I left class exhausted and feeling defeated.  For as long as I have been doing this I feel I should be a lot better at things.  And some things, I totally am.  The reality is, I am still carrying 235 lbs and no matter what, things will still be a struggle.  I have to always remind myself that this is a lifestyle change and it does not happen over night.  Honestly, I see this process taking me years to be where I want, and from there it is upkeep.

I am determined to keep moving and keep going.  To Keep Swimming.  I use my ” Just Keep Swimming” mantra everyday.  I am afraid if I stop swimming, I will sink and never return to the surface. I have to keep going.

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Great Weekend!



I had a real great weekend!  For starters, I had class Saturday morning.  Felt good.   Then Saturday night, we had a party for my husbands birthday. Today, my son was in another parade, so we went to that. So, it was busy.

Saturdays workout was 3 mini work outs in 1.  Each workout we had 8 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible. Here is how I did:

It was a partner WOD, but since there was an odd number of people in class, I got to do it on my own, which is perfect for me.  I hate feeling like I am dragging my partner down.

#1. 10 dead lifts at 95 lbs, 20 mountain climbers – going into it, I felt pretty good about this one, I have done dead lifts at this weight before.  Mountain Climbers, as long as there is a good beat to do them to, they are not so bad.  The goal was to get as many rounds as possible, so I pushed it.  I completed 6 rounds in the 8 minutes.

#2. 10 ring rows, 10 broad jumps  – Ring rows always get me, I can do 3 or 4, then I need to stop and regroup, then 3 or 4 more. I have to do them in small sets, which is ok, but a pain in the butt and takes me forever.  The broad jumps, those were not too bad.  Kinda fun jumping around 🙂 I completed 5 rounds in the 8 minutes.

#3. 10 push ups, 10 slam balls at 20 lbs – At this point, my arms were ready to fall off. I had to do my push ups on my knees 😦  . I was ready to fall over by the end of the 8 minutes. I completed 4 rounds in the 8 minutes.

All in all, I was pleased with most of my performance.

I have to just keep chipping away at everything, it is working for me so far.  Just Keep Swimming!!!!

Today is my hubby’s birthday.   We had a bunch of friends and family over last night for a poker party.  I am not going to lie – I freakin loved hearing how good I looked.  I had not seen some of these folks in  a  few months, so to hear this from my near and dear – well, it was awesome! I was on cloud nine!  Now, I did make a whole bunch of food and of course it was not the most health concious food, but boy o boy was it yummo. I made sure not to stuff my face too much.  Which is good for me, cause usually when we have the get together’s, I always have a ton of food and make myself 3 or 4 plates. So, the fact I limited myself, was a victory .

Today we also went to the Merrimac Santa Parade to see my son Tyler march with his marching band. It was raining, but I was so proud to see him marching in his uniform.  I was one proud mama.  Its the little things that make everything worth wild.

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