Me against myself


Tomorrow I take my turn at 14.5. I am scared out of my mind . Thrusters and burpees for time . How on earth am I going to do this ? I literally was up half the night stressing about it. What my plan of attack will be, how long will it take me , can I even do it ? I want to do it and finish so bad that it is almost like I am psyching myself out .   I need to finish this for myself.  It is a scary thought to think that you are literally the only thing that can hold you down.  There are no other factors – its just me.  What a scary thought.

Plus last time I did thrusters, I think it was only 45 lbs.  Not to say I can’t do 65lbs, but I got a feeling it is going to be a struggle. A big struggle.  Burpees on the other hand, yes, I can do them, yes, they take me forever, but at least I know I can physically do them.

What I really need to do is get out of my own head, you know what I mean? Ugh.


Gotta Keep Swimming.


This is going to be a big week for me, I just hope I don’t let myself down.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!

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Ready for the next phase!

So, its no secret that your truly does not have the best eating habits. I mean I am seriously a baby about it. I don’t like fruits and veggies. Spaghetti squash, yummo, but it has spaghetti in the name, lol.  And potatoes – you know , yummo!  But, the sad reality is , my diet of pasta and carbs, has got to hit the road. The delicious, delicious, delicious, road.    I need to take my fitness to the next level and now its time to get this gal’s nutrition in order.

My plan is to start slow, but making smoothies and sneaking things into my foods I like.  And , cutting down the carbs.  I can’t go completely cold turkey. For starters, I will be replacing the pasta with spaghetti squash.  Gonna be a smoothie queen too.




I know, most of you are like, ya, whatever, big shit, you’re gonna eat good, why is that a big deal?  It is to me.  And I am sure there is someone else out there that feels this way too.  Once I get into the swing of it, I will be looking for recipes and I will be sharing recipes too!

Now , onto the past week!


Monday I did 14.4 , well, what I could of 14.4, which was only the 60 calorie row.  It is what it is.

We did Dead lifts.  Can I just say how much I love working with the barbells? SO much fun! I think I love that I feel strong when we use them, I know silly, but so am I ! Ha!

Here is how I did:

135 lbs x3

155 x 2

175 x2


195 x2


I was really happy with this.  Last time we went heavy, I got up to 210 lbs, but it was just for 1 rep and trying to go to 215 was really hard. So, the fact I was able to do 2 x 200 lbs, super happy with.

From there, we did 30 sec on, 15 sec off 4 rounds in a circuit.

35 Lb KB goblet squats

HR Pushups

V ups

Ring Rows

I felt it was a good night 🙂


Whoa Nelly, still feeling the affects of The WOD.

25 minutes – 2 rounds

50 OH walking lunges with 25 lb plate – ouch!

25 Hollow Rocks

50 Jumping Pull ups

25 KB swings – 44lbs

50 Tuck Jumps

25 Supermans

50 OH walking lunges with 25 lb plate

25 Hollow Rocks

30 jumping pull ups – this is as far as I got.  Not the 2 rounds I wanted, but definitely a PR to get through the 2 sets of walking lunges for 100 total! I am soooo happy with that.  Lunges have always been a struggle .  I clearly remember last time we did these like this and it really was a WOD killer for me.  So while I didn’t finish the workout, I had such a positive outcome.


It used to really bother me when I didn’t finish, now , not so much, but I think its because I have advanced so much, I am happy just to PR or do better than I did in some way shape or form.

Now, this philosophy is not going to work on Monday. I take on 14.5 , Its for time, so I have to finish.  I checked out the pros times – all in the under 10 range. So that is so not happening.  I am really hoping to be done under 1/2 hr or under 1 hr.   The thrusters are going to kill me if the burpees don’t kill me first.  You know me and burpees.  Sweet Baby Jesus!  You are going to hear ” Just Keep Swimming” alot during that one fo sho.  Wish me Luck!


Check back later in the week for how I did.  Hopefully I don’t myself down!

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Looking Forward! / Weekly One More 3/23/14




I am revitalized! I am looking forward to a bright future and looking forward to all that it will bring.

I have a whole new set of goals to work on.  Goals are great and with fitness, they keep evolving.

What are you working on this year? What keeps you ” swimming”? I would love to hear about your goals and what you are working on.  In addition, I would love to feature some other blogs from folks that are journeys them selves.  This community is awesome and I love reading about all of our experiences.

If you would like to share your story or would like to be a feature blog on this page, please email me.


Its also time for the Weekly One More!

Megs things

This week my Weekly One More is add 5 pounds.  Be it lifting, curling, any way you lift weights – add 5 pounds.  Its a small amount and something to work towards.  We can all do it!


Keep Swimming Folks! Never Give up.  The rewards can be so awesome.

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What a Year!

What a difference a year makes!

March 20th marked 1 year since I stepped in my gym.  1 year.  This anniversary is beyond special to me.  I have NEVER kept with any sort of fitness regimen for more than 2-3 months.  Ever.  This is a big deal.

When I made the decision to start working out, it was really by chance that I found my gym.  My friend told me about this class she took and said the first class was free.  I clearly remember my first class, we had double unders.  Being my first class, I had no idea what a double under was, but I could do single jumps.  It was those jumps that really opened my eyes.  I had such a hard time jumping rope.  I resorted to running with it like I was an elementary school kid on the playground.  It was embarrassing, but I wanted to do what I could.  That was the wake up call.  Who can’t jump rope?  I should of been able to do it, but I was so out of shape that there was just no way.  Now, I can do double unders! ( It has been a while, but I have done them!) It was there I made the decision to stick to it and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

It saved my life.  If I kept going down that path, who knows where I would be, glad I didn’t find out.

I was a size 22/24 and climbing.  I am now a size 16!

I have lost 38 pounds!

Honestly, when I envisioned this milestone, I thought I would be this skinny little thing down 100 lbs.  Obviously, an unrealistic expectation.  I think I am doing just fine where I am and moving along.  I love working out and it has become part of my routine.  I crave it!

As corny as it sounds, I have grown so much as a person this year.  I am breaking old habits that derailed myself before.  This is just as important to me as the physical working out.  Especially for my kids to see.  I want my kids to see that I don’t give up.  I don’t want them to ever give up on something they believe in and what better example than myself?

It has been a journey of ups and downs.  I have progressed so much from where I started.  Hit goals .  And ran my first 5k.  A feeling that was so overwhelming I can’t even describe it.  I have run myself off track and crashed my wagon, but I got a new wagon and kept going instead of letting it end the journey.

I ” Just Keep Swimming”

” Just Keep Swimming” is such a simple phrase, but if you think about it, it means so much.  It keeps me going, these 3 simple words.  I cherish them!  They have become such a big part of this journey.  

In this first year I have had ups and downs, falls and tears, laughs and cheers.  It has been amazing.  I am so thankful for my support system who no matter what didn’t give up on me despite my track record of giving up on myself.  Who still tell me they are proud of me.  I am beyond grateful for my truly amazing coaches, Holly and Jane.  Their encouragement is mind blowing.  They make every class a joy I look forward to.  They have created a community full of compassionate, caring encouraging people that I am so grateful for.  My gym buddies – oh boy, these folks are the absolute best around.  Team Bad Ass! They inspire me to be better and do better – and they are hilarious!

And the blog community – you guys are awesome! It is so great to read everyone’s stories and the feedback we give each other.  We are pretty awesome!

It has been a great journey so far – good thing I am still on it.  I look forward to what the next year will bring.  And I will post some Progress updates soon too.


Here are some of my favorite pics from the past year  :


This is me doing my plank! I am the big gal in the pink shirt in the front .  Photo Credit : Holly Leonard, BeFit Health and Wellness

" Before " March 2013

” Before ” March 2013

September 2013

September 2013

Victorious at the lake!

Victorious at the lake!

My first 5 K!!!

My first 5 K!!!





How has the last year been for you? How is your journey going? I would love to read all about it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of your day to read my rants and raves.  I am glad so many of us are sharing the same experiences.



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My crack at 14.3





Last night I took on 14.3 .  For those who have no idea what I am talking about, this is the 3rd workout of the Cross Fit Open workouts.  I am not doing the open to try and move on, I just like testing myself and seeing where I fall.

Last night was deadlifts and box jumps.  I did step ups, cause there was no way I was going to be jumping on the 20″ box.  Step ups proved to be the hardest part!

I started with the deadlifts – 10 reps at 95 lbs. I felt good about that.

Then that damn box! Ugh. I started with a good pace, then it was like, ahhh no.  It was hard! Then onto the next set of deadlifts, 135 lbs. 15 more step ups and then all I could muster of the 155 lbs was 10 reps.  I was pooped.  Total of 65.  Not bad for my ability.  I have read some blogs – and boy do you guys kick ass! Way to go everyone!

I submitted my score and started getting my stuff together to do the WOD. Both of my coaches asked if I was going to be doing it. I thought that was weird, but I was thinking 14.3 was only 8 minutes, I want to get my workout in.

The WOD was 15 minutes 7 rounds

7 TTB – I did V ups – soo tired

7 Wall Balls 14 lbs

7 Burpees

I started this workout and quickly realized I was insane.  I was dying.  What the hell was I thinking? The V ups were fine, but boy oh boy, those wall balls!  My wall balls were terrible. Took me forever to hit the mark each time.  Then burpees. Ugh.  Friggen Burpees.  Again, took me forever.  All in all, I did 4 rounds. I know, wicked slow, but, my goal was 1 round, so success!

So yeah, I did 2 workouts last night.

I feel good though.  This week is a big week for me.  More to come on that on Thursday.


So grateful to be back swimmin’.


Are you looking forward to 14.4?

Check back to see how I do.

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Falling is easy…

Falling is easy , it’s getting back up that becomes a problem…” Staind

Hello there folks !
If you are following along , you know how I just got out of my funk . I “fell”. But I am happy to report , I got out of the funk and back into the groove !

In class on Monday I took a crack at 14.2 . I knew I would not be able to do the Chest to Bars but I was determined to do at least 1 Overhead Squat . I started warming up and quickly realized, hell no, I had not done OH squats that heavy before.  But my coaches were freaking amazing and kept encouraging me.  So I kept practicing, literally falling on my ass several times.  Good thing I still got a big butt, lol.  Finally it comes time to start the clock.  My coach got a ball for me to use as a target to make sure each rep counted.  So, I start.  Didn’t do it on my 1st attempt, but kept trying.  And wouldn’t you know, I ended up getting 5!!!! I know some of you are thinking, 5? seriously? but to me – it felt – still feels amazing.  When I felt my butt touch that ball, it was the best feeling!  So yes, my 14.2 score is just a 5, but it is one heck of a 5 for me!

But wait – there’s more!

After my 14.2 it was time for the day’s WOD.

OTM for 14 min

Odd :3-5 HSPU

Even- 10 Box jumps

For the HSPU, My target was (2) 25 lbs plates and an abmat.  I have got the handstand part down now, and I can stay on the wall.  It was the push up part that was still alluding me.  Until Monday! Yup! I did them! I ended up doing 8 all together!  So excited! I have been working on them for so long, I almost sat there and cried.  My coach Jane was right there beside me pushing me and encouraging me.



All in all Monday was freaking amazing for me and exactly what I needed to get myself back swimming and up from the fall!


Strength practice was Alternating lunges.  4×16 reps – for this I did 55 lbs. This was a big step for me since my lunges have always been a struggle. It was wicked challenging, but I was determined to do it.  Boy, do my legs still hurt!

Then onto the WOD 12 min AMRAP

4 KB snatch R/L 26 lbs

6 1 arm KB Swing R/L 35 lbs

8 Burpees with 25 lb plate

Those damn burpees kill me every time! I suck at them, yes they are better than they were, but still, suck city.

Thursday night my son, Jason , was in the talent show at his school , so no class.  I have to say, he did a great job as host!


I have really grown through this process and everyday I am more and more proud of myself.  I am still riding high on the fact that I did not give up on myself, which is totally something I would of done before.   So, it may be baby steps, but , they are my steps and I can do this!

So, what is on tap for Monday – my attempt at 14.3

Deadlifts – I got that. no prob because I am only going to be able to do the 1st set.  I can’t jump on the 20″ box.  I crashed trying the 18″ and quite frankly, I value the use of my legs and shins too much to try it.  So, I will do my deadlifts and submit my score.  I have a feeling this weekend will see many an injury.


How are you doing? What are your triumphs? I would love to read all about them, please share!

We gotta keep swimming folks, never give up!

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Getting Back Into The Groove

I have been dreading this post.  Dreading it.  Why? I have to admit my failure and I have to put it in writing forever making the words real and alive.   So yes kids, I have failed.  But failed what exactly?  Let’s explore that shall we?

The past couple of months, I have been in a funk.  Yes, I still went to class, but for different reasons, not as many as I would of liked.  Different things were going on in my life, stressful things and at the end of the day, I was just plain ol’ exhausted.  Mentally and Physically.

I strayed from my path.  Like, really strayed. Like, 300 miles from the path.  I didn’t take care of myself as I should have. I ate crap. I drank crap.  And in the end, you guessed it, I felt like crap.

I gained some weight back and this is no surprise, but its the most painful part of my taking care of myself sabbatical.  This month, March 20th to be exact, will be my 1 year anniversary at Befit.  I dreamt of this day. I would be skinny.  I would have some beautiful pictures taken. I would feel good about myself.   I could inspire others.  I would make my family proud, and most of all, I would be proud of myself.  So yes, of course, as I traveled on this journey, some of these realistically would not be attainable. Such as the skinny part.  But as I go along, I was okay with that, knowing I would get there.  I was progressing, feeling good,  losing weight and getting fit.  I really let myself down.  Horribly.  And this is what hurts the most.  I did this to myself.   I Did This. No one else. I was a one gal train wreck .

I signed up for the 60 day challenge at my gym.  I half assed it. Not proud of it, but I didn’t dedicate myself to my goals as I should have.  And here we are near the end and I have no goals accomplished.  Again, my own fault.  And it stinks.

So, you see, I have failed.  Failed myself.

Then I got hit with the stomach bug.  2 days resting,  it was a good jump start for some weight loss, lol.  And honestly, that is what it became, a jump start.  When the bug finally left me, I felt renewed.

Then, this thing happened. Weather intentional or not, it made a difference. My coaches changed the gyms cover picture on Facebook. And who is there in a victory pose? ME.   It was taken the day I finished my first run without stopping.  It was an amazing feeling.  Seeing the picture, I was flooded with all the emotion from that day and all I have accomplished.   Maybe it was cause they  knew I was in a funk, maybe it was cause the picture fit the area needed, maybe it was divine intervention, but in any case, thank you to my coaches Holly and Jane for giving me the extra boost I needed.  Just another reason why my gym and coaches are amazing.

Now more than ever, I need to Just Keep Swimming !

Today it is a new week. It is a new day.  I started off awesome.  I took the hubs over to the gym here where I live.  It was empty which was nice, and they had barbells! I worked on my cleans,  my split jerks( I love those) , my back squats and even threw in some dead lifts.  I am guessing the bar was 45 lbs, making my work at 65 lbs, except the deadlifts, up to 135 on those. I didn’t want to over do it.  The cool part of all of this, was showing my husband different things I do.  I showed him different things with the dumb bells that we do in class. Snatches, my fav.  Then I showed him the get up sit ups we did the other day.  And threw some man makers at him.  He actually liked them! Weird, I know.  In any case, it felt great working out, and it felt great being able to share with my family.

I am really looking forward to class tomorrow. I am taking a crack at 14.2.  Excited and scared.  Not expecting much, but I am going to give it my all.

Getting back into the groove and it feels good.  Shaking off the past and screw ups and moving forward.

It’s also time for the Weekly One More!

Megs things

My Weekly One More is to be a better me.  I need to be better.  We all have something we can improve on.  Let’s take it and run with it.

How about you? How have you been doing? Would love to hear about what everyone is up to? Share with us!

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