This Fall’s Charity Challenges !

How are you doing with your Charity Challenges?  Have you run a race in honor of someone?  Donated to a charity?  Participated in a walk for a cause?  Or did you just donate to a cause?


This fall, I am participating in a couple of different events.


This Sunday I am walking with my sister’s in laws in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Boston .


My sisters mother in law passed away recently from this terrible disease. I love the family and I am proud to walk with them . If you interested in donating , you can find the information here .


Also, this October, I am participating the Barbells for Boobs event at my gym.


This is a workout where we raise money for Breast Cancer early detection in young folks. For just $80, one more person will know that they are living with Breast Cancer.  This is staggering to me. My grandmother, while she did not have breast cancer when she was young, she is a survivor having been diagnosed later in life.  If you are interested in donating or participating, you can find the information here.


I think if we all gave some of our time to a great cause, the world would be so much better of a place.


So get out there and do some good !

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The Hopes, The Dreams, The Goals ( in no particular order)

I was asked to post a blog about my hopes, goals and dreams.

I have really thought about this and it is so much harder than you might think.


We all have them.  If you say you don’t – you are lying.  But some are so much more realistic than the others, fantasies, pipe dreams, if you will.

Pipe Dreams

These are the easy ones.  You know, the usual. The things we want and are impossible or just so far out of reach.

Win the lottery – I will say thought, if I won the lottery, I would take care of my family and close  friends.  I would donate to charities.  I have even thought of starting a charity of my own to help folks.

Own a Maserati – I love them!

Travel the world – Bora Bora, oh man, do I want to go there so badly.  A wee bit on the pricey side for us, but  if I win the lottery, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Most importantly , above all else – I want my family to be healthy. 

I want my mothers sicknesses to disappear.  I want both her kidneys to function properly.  I want her to feel good.  I want my sister to not be a diabetic anymore.  I want her to see good and not need glasses anymore.  I want my dad to quit smoking like a damn chimney.  I want his diabetes to go away.  I want him to be stress free and not have to worry about my mother.  I want my grandfathers vision and hearing to return.  I want him to be able to enjoy conversations with us and his great grand children.  And see them.  See us.  I want my grandmother to be able to stand straight and not have to worry about if she is going to fall.  I don’t want her to be in pain.  I could go on and on.  The bottom line is, I just want everyone to be healthy.  Unfortunately, sometimes, these things just aren’t in the cards.  I suppose the only silver lining is that these things make  us who we are.


Hopes and Goals

My greatest hope is that my children are happy , safe, and healthy.  I do say my prayers each night and this is what I always ask for.  Of course I hope that financially we will be okay.  I would to be comfortable.  I hope we will be able to purchase a decent home in a decent area.

I hope I can finally find the strength within myself to get back fully on my track.  I have let myself down so much this year.  I need to get this back together.  I hope I can finally get my tookus under 200 lbs.  That is a huge goal. I just gotta do it. Its just taking me forever and I keep derailing myself. I hope I can be all I want and all I see myself as being.

I hope to be happy.  I hope to stay happy.

I hope to continually inspire someone to think, ” Hey , if this chick can do it, then I can”  I hope someone out there follows my story and decides its never too late to get off your butt and make better decisions. I get such amazing feedback from you guys – it is so incredible.


In the end , I suppose it all breaks down to I just want to be happy and want my family to be healthy.  Do we really need more than that?


How about you?  What are your hopes and dreams?  No matter how realistic or attainable, I want to hear them!


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Early to bed, Early to Rise




I am slowly getting into my new routine of morning classes . I have gone to the 5 am class . I am soooo not a morning person . But I am freaking determined to get my workouts in , no matter what .

That means a 4:15 am alarm. Sweet Baby Jesus. What on earth was I thinking ? That is what I kept saying to myself the ride to the gym yesterday . But the workout had snatches and box jumps which are my favorites, so I just focused on that .

We warmed up and went over the workout .
12 rounds
3 wall climbs
6 alt Db snatches – 30 lbs
12 box jumps

At first I grabbed a 22 lb weight figuring I would ease back into it instead of going to the 35 lbs I used to do. But , yeah , that was too light . So up to the 30 I went . I still used the 12″ box and instead of the 2 plates I would use before , I opted for (1) 45 lb plate. I figured it was shorten than I used to do . I can do it , no problemo .

Cha right ! The universe had other plans and apparently they had it out for my shins . I took my first jump and promptly missed the top instead coming down on either side of the box . Got some nice bruises. But hey, it’s all good ! I kept on going , took the plate off, but kept going.

My goal was 6 rounds . Knowing it would take me forever I figured if I got through half I would be happy .
Lo and behold – guess who got through almost 10 rounds ! Technically 9+17.

I felt so great the rest of the day, which I honestly was not really expecting.


Today’s class I was on the fence about going into it.


Push jerks 65 lbs

Power cleans 65 lbs

I used to be able to do 75 lbs, so I figured I would go for 55 lbs.  Everyone else in the class could go heavier.  But, 55 lbs ended up being way too light, so I went to 65 lbs.

This work out looks pretty easy, but if you dropped the bar during each set – like the 8th rep of the 10 set, then your penalty was 30 Mountain climbers.  I figured for sure there were going to be tons of Mountain Climbers for me to do .

But, when I got the 1st set of 10 done, I knew I could do it.  I just kept going , taking breaks between the sets and not the reps.  The goal was 20 minutes.  I thought for certain it was never going to happen, but guess who banged it out in 17:39?  This gal!!!!

It was just what I needed to get me pumped.  It wasn’t a PR, it wasn’t my best ever, but its the best I have been in so long, so I was down right thrilled!!!

Excited to see what tomorrow brings 🙂

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Getting it together





Hello there peeps!

I know its been a bit and  I am sorry for that.  Truth is, its been a crappy summer as far as my fitness is concerned.  I went back to class this week, but the early am class. 5 am.  That was tough, but I gotta make it work because I NEED to get my workouts in.  Honestly, I am so darn disappointed in myself.  Granted, I did not fall completely off the wagon, but my wagon took such a detour, its in another country right now.  I could of been in a completely different place on my journey and that sucks.  We have a lot going on ( I know I always say that ) but that’s the realness here.

We all have shit.  Good. Bad. Indifferent.  Who we are and how we react dictates who we are.  Now, you could knock me , as you should, for letting my shit take me down a few notches.  I looked at it, and this summer, I went to 7 classes.  7.  Sweet Baby Jesus.  So pissed at myself.  The old Meg would of let this set back derail her and I have yet to do that. So there, victory.  And thank goodness, I have not gained back all the weight.  I will admit, I have gained back some, but we are not at Def Con 5 status yet with the weight.

So, I went back this week.  It was the Cross Fit Benchmark Nancy.  If you recall, I have done Nancy before.  But, when I woke up at 4 am and saw that, I was like ” You gotta be kidding me”.  My first day back and its freaking running! Ugh.  I almost got back into bed.  But I can’t keep “running away”.  So, I put on my running sneakers and headed out the door.

For those unfamiliar – this is Nancy:

5 rounds for time

400 m run

15 OH squats 65 lbs


Of course, my running is the part I was freaking out about.  I knew I could scale the OH Squats, but the running, Good Lord the running….   We did the whole work out outside, which was so very nice.  We did not have to go up the blasted stairs.  They kill me each time.

I started my first run and honestly, It wasn’t too bad.  I don’t know how, but I didn’t have a hard time with it.  The squats, I used just the training bar 15 lbs 😦

Last time, I did it with 20 lbs.  I probably could of done 20 lbs, but it was my first day back and I did not want to push it. 2nd run, I think I did pretty good on that one too.  3rd run – for-get-it.  I had to walk alot.  4th and 5th runs too.  I just could not run the whole time, stinks but it is what it is.  In the end my time was 28:43.  Quicker than last time I did it.  Just sucked it was 5 lbs lighter and I had to walk some.  I guess it is not a good example of benchmark.  I can’t really compare it to last time properly.  In the end, it felt soooo good to be back where I belong working out.

That night, my husband and I went over to the gym.  I figured, what the heck.   I did 10 mins on the treadmill as a warm up, then did some machines.  I have made the decision, that I really hate those machines.  I don’t feel like I am pushing myself.  I would much rather do the things we do in Crossfit instead of sitting at a machine flipping my arms up and down.  After that, it was over to the weights….. ahh, much better.  I had a lot of fun showing my husband different things with the barbells.

I need to get my shit together so I can reach my goals before I am 90.  I have gotta keep swimming 🙂


I am so thankful for all of you who take the time to read my rants and raves.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey, your words of encouragement and for allowing me into your lives, be it for a laugh or a cry.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, I have to work today, but I plan on getting over to the gym to get some sort of workout in.  Gotta get at it!


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