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Happy Tuesday Folks!

Like I said, I was back at class last night, and SWEET BABY! Did it feel good!

Granted, I scaled the whole workout, but who cares? I did so much better than I thought I would.  And that is freaking awesome to me!

Here is the workout and How I did:


Back Squats 15lbs ( training bar, but that is ok)

Burpees over the bar

200m run


My back squats, I was so okay with just the training bar.  Even the 15 lbs was a struggle.  Burpees – You know how much I hate those damn things, but I did them.

My biggest surprise of the night was the running.

As you can recall, me and running, we are not exactly friends, more like mortal enemies.

There was (4) rounds of the 200m run, so I dove right in.  I did my saunter-jog.  Not walking, not quite running, but moving at a steady pace.


My calves were on fire!  But I didn’t walk.  I JUST KEPT SWIMMING!!!

I know, I know, it was only 200 m each time, but for me, that is huge!!!


Take the Little victories where you can folks!!!

Have an Incredible Day !!!!

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Remember Why You Started

Why you started



This is all a journey,  right?  I know, I keep saying this, but it so is.  Ups and downs.  I have been through a lot this year, in general.  In trying to keep myself and my family afloat, I have forgotten about me and my journey.  And that SUCKS!

I feel better now, My family is getting settled in our new place , and thats right folks, yours truly is getting BACK AT IT!!!!


I know I am no fitness role model, but gosh do I love working out.  And I am so so so excited to be back at the gym tomorrow.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be a hot flabby mess, and I will be sore as hell Tuesday, but I cannot WAIT!!!


Now, peoples usual reaction is ” why don’t you just go to a regular gym?” ” why not work out at home?”  Both good questions, and yes, cheaper options, but at this point = I have found a format that works for me .  Anyone who has struggled with weight loss and fitness knows that finding what works for you  is half the battle.

I’m not making excuses, just explaining, I suppose, but I have had a pretty crappy year so far.  I had a different focus than on myself and my journey and it was all about my family and my health.  Not bad reasons to lose sight of your personal journey , but none the less, I was lost.

As I say, I did not just fall off the wagon – It was a horrific wagon crash with no survivors.

These past few weeks as I felt better and gave myself excuses why it was not the right time to get back into it, I revisited my blog.  Revisited my posts, reread my journey, because, yes, there are things we forget.  I am so glad I decided to do this blog, cause I much as I can remember events, those feelings swell back up when I go back and read about it again.

In that Spirit  – Here are some of my ” Greatest Hits “

Just Keep Swimming!

What’s On the Box ?

Turkish Getups – She Ra Style!

One Small Lunge

Lunges – Oh how thou art a heartless bitch

1st Weight Goal Achieved !


Shakin’ it – the key to running!

Gotta Find the Postives

Double Unders …. Check !

Personal Goal Hit

Haters Step Off

5 K – Check!

Falling is Easy …

The hopes, the dreams, the goals

And here’s a photo dump of some of  these great times!

215 Lbs Baby!!!

215 Lbs Baby!!!


Bad Ass BeFitters at the finish!!!

Bad Ass BeFitters at the finish!!!

My first 5 K!!!

My first 5 K!!!

Me doing my ring dips!!!  Thanks Holly for capturing the moment!!!!

Me doing my ring dips!!! Thanks Holly for capturing the moment!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane .  Here’s to making the rest of 2015 Incredible – no matter what journey you are on!!!

If you have stumbled on your your path, that’s okay, dust your self off and get back on it.  It’s okay to falter – we just need to get back at it.  It can be a pause , it just can’t be a stop.



I will be back to the gym tomorrow and I am sure I will have lots to say. Hope you will come back and read all about it.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me and inspired me on this journey, my coaches, my family, my “gym gals” , my friends and all of you for your support.

Lets make this swim the best yet!

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Bumpy Ride


Hello Everyone!!!! How the heck are ya?!

I know, I know, its been months.

Well, those months, they haven’t exactly been all to great for yours truly.

The past 3 months I have been dealing with more health issues.  More enlarged lymph nodes in my neck.  Three this time around.  Had surgery to remove one to be tested, came back benign for everything ( thank goodness! )  This time around I also had extreme fatigue, muscle soreness, weight loss, night sweats, chills, and a crazy rash.  I was tested for everything from lymphoma to lyme disease to sarcoid to mono.  I have no idea how many times I was at the doctors or the emergency room .  What royally sucked, was no one could help me.  The only thing that made me feel any better or allowed me to function was steroids.  After being sent to an infectious diseases doctor, the conclusion after all the testing is that I had some sort of crazy unknown virus .  Some crazy unknown virus that ruined my life for over 2 months.  I am happy to report that I am feeling so much better now!  Thank Goodness !



While this was all going on , we had a fire in our apartment building.  Thankfully no one was hurt, and no ones things destroyed.  It was an electrical fire in the electrical room.  The issue was that the fire destroyed the electrical system and the electric company would not turn the power back on to the building until the management company brought the building up to code.  So nice to know that the ridiculous rent we were all paying went to upkeep and making sure things were up to code.  The fire happened on April 20, today is June 2, they have yet to start the work to bring the building up to code.  My neighbors and my family were sent to a local hotel until other arrangements could be made.  Those other arrangements were other apartments on site, some 3 bed, some 2 bed.  (Our building was all 3 bedrooms, all full of families). The biggest issue with this for us, was that our lease was up at the end of May, so we were low man on the totem pole when it came to comfortable accommodations.  They ran out of available apartments ( despite listing all of our apartments as available on line while we were all at the hotel ) so we were sent to a Residence Inn .  Basically until our lease was up we were between a Residence Inn and a LaQuinta Inn .  Keep in mind , I have 3 kids, who all needed to get to school .  And these hotels were not even in the same town that we live in . It was a 20-30  min drive to get the kids to school, each day .

For those keeping track:

Wicked sick


Hotel Life

3 kids

This is not a good combo.  Not too mention, the extra cost of all the eating out.  Thankfully, my renters insurance picked up most of the food cost and everything I lost out of my fridge.   The management company of my complex was horrible through out the whole ordeal.  The day it happened, all the residents could not go back home, so we were cooped up at the Club House, which is where the main office is, would of been nice if the Property Manager gave a shit and actually came and spoke to the residents, but nope.  One of neighbors went and grabbed donuts and coffee for everyone .

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful we had a roof over our head, but the process was atrocious.  The Management company had the audacity to try and tell me they were paying for my food…. I had to remind them, that no they were not, my insurance company was.  It was all bullshit.  Not to mention, we had to move out of our apartment with no power.  It was a giant suckfest.

February , March , April and May were just completely shitty. Snow – Sickness – Fire – UGH!!!

Good Riddance!!!

Time to get my life back and get back to me.  We are still getting settled in our new place but my plan is to get back at it at the gym next month.

I miss working out so very much.  I miss how I felt, I miss the sense of accomplishment.  I need to get back at it!!! I have so many goals and so many things I want to accomplish.
Hopefully I am leaving the Bumpy Road behind for Smooth Sailing ahead.


Just Keep Swimming!!!! It applies to everything.  Just  Keep Going. Never give up.  Keep up the fight, no matter what the fight is.

We all have a fight going on – be it within ourselves or with a part of our world or the world it self.  But we can do this.

Gotta remember kids – this is a journey.  Its not always the best one, or the fun one, but its the journey we are on .  Bumps, scrapes and joys.  Each one defining us and making us who we are and who we are meant to be.


Thanks for sticking by me and I hope you enjoy the journey along side of me.

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